Friday, July 13, 2012

{ode to the fam}

today, i'm missing my family.

i feel so blessed by the family God has given me!  we'll do a little fam snap shot :)

i have great parents.  like for real, i kind of think they're the best (i'm a little biased, but still!)

my dad is one of a kind... he plays hockey several nights a week, and recently picked up a wakeboard and taught himself how to wakeboard in a morning!  i think i got a lot of his adventure and i sportiness from him.  dad has always been the person i call when something is wrong- i coined the phrase, 'daddy can fix anything', and as of right now, he pretty much has!  he's probably where i get my mentality of why pay someone when i can fix it myself?  he's the rock of our family and i'm so thankful for a dad who has given me a positive view of God as my father.

mom and keith get to share a picture because i like this one so much :)  today is mom's 6 month anniversary from becoming cancer free (she kind of inspired this post)!  going through cancer really showed my mom's spirit: she's always happy and looking at the positive.  she never complained, never showed fear, and with my dad, completely trusted God with her future.  she's the reason i can't wait to start working in preschool (she's a special needs preschool teacher... hello patience!)

my brother is hilarious.  he's a hard worker who loves being outside.  he may also be the most loyal friend.  my brother is the guy who you could call at 2 a.m., and he would come to your aid, no questions asked.  he's also super outdoorsy- he hunts, fishes, canoes, camps... he spent a whole summer out west, waking up at 4 am to go cut trails!  he will always be my baby brother, but i'm proud of the man he's becoming

i have a super pretty sister... she also is very original and knows who she is.  even as girly and pretty as she is, she's currently out west hanging out with inner city kids and taking them on hikes thorough the wilderness.  she's thrifty, and the girl can take the ugliest piece of clothing and make it really cool.  i like that over the years, we're friends AND sisters.  she also makes me a little more stylish...

there ya go!  a little snap shot into the crook family... i love my fam and i'm so thankful for them :)  they're a big reason of why i am the way i am today.

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