Thursday, July 5, 2012

{ending of an era}

sugar creek has been a good home...

it's been home for 2 years for me with many fond memories.  still, it's the ghetto.  we have the fugitive task force and the narcotic division of lexington police on our street in the same day, we have kids setting off fireworks with a bow and arrow (with a firework ban going on), and 2 of our neighbors recently got evicted.  needless to say, i'm ready to move.

today was humorous.  my roommate and i cleaned our garage.  wow we know how to accumulate stuff! it feels good to purge... i took a huge load to goodwill, with another on the way tomorrow and a trip to half price books to attempt to make a few bucks on some books.

i officially cannot wait to move into my new place... i'm excited to decorate, to organize, and to make a place a home.  i don't want to feel temporary, i want to feel settled and home.

bring on the new stage!

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