Monday, July 2, 2012

{adventures as a speech path!}

new blog title... new stage in life!

i have a job :)  and it's pretty much my dream job... i feel so blessed.  people aren't supposed to get their dream job as their first job, but that's really what i feel like this one is.

this is the type of job i said i wanted even before i discovered i loved schools.  it's the age group i like, it's a community size i like, it's with people i feel like i will like.

i can't wait to start working.  i'm sure that come next summer, i'll be praising summer's off and not having to wake up early and see little people, but right now, i can't wait to start.  i can't wait to decorate my classroom, i can't wait to meet my little people, i can't wait to meet my coworkers, and i can't wait for a real paycheck :)

i also think i found a great apartment- not huge but perfect for just me, but a place of my own, a place to come home to and feel like home, a place to really feel like an adult.

tomorrow i go in for orientation.  i feel like it's the first real day of being an independent adult contributing to society.

i can't wait to use the gifts God has given me with working with little ones come august.  we'll see how the blog evolves with this new stage in my life!

kellie crook, maed cf-slp

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  1. Praise the Lord! You can have your dream job before you even start! I love my job more than anything! It is truly where God has called me right now! I hope that you find as much joy in your job as I do. God has called you to be there and you will rock it sister! If you ever need anything let me know!


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