Saturday, July 14, 2012

{new bikes!}

i have always loved biking, and especially since i found a place close to kroger (and let's be real... orange leaf), i really wanted a bike that i could get around town on.  i've been looking at craigslist for a while, and always got beat by someone else.

this morning, i went to a bike sale, and while they had some beautiful bikes, they were also super knowledgable, so no deals were to be found.  i had a strict budget i wanted to stay in, and none of the bikes met that (most exceeded by at least $40-$50... boo!)

i got home slightly disappointed not finding a bike and hopped in the shower to get ready for northern kentucky to see the lovely erica biery, and when i got out, had an email from a woman i found on craigslist selling a pair of schwinn continental bikes.  she said she wanted to sell them as a pair, so i set off to masterson station to take a look.

i came home with these 2 beauties- the pair was within my budget! awesome :)

i'm in love!  they're in great condition and they match and my bike came with a basket attachment and vintage lights :)  i had to wake up ian this morning... it's not every day someone gets a bike!  we took a little trip around woodland park, and made plans to head to the farmer's market next weekend!  better be good weather!

it's a great day and it's only 10:30

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