Friday, July 6, 2012

{bread maker}

i've been cleaning out the house lately... 2 loads to goodwill (not all mine... erin and i cleaned the garage!) and a load to half price books today.  after the second load to goodwill, i had to take a gander to see if there was anything i could use for my new house.  i have a few items i've been looking for, and what better place to look than goodwill?

i came across a diamond.

look at that beauty.  ian and i really like making bread and pizza dough... life just got easier!  mom and dad use a bread maker all the time and love it... i remember when we were kids- the whole house would smell good and it doesn't take much work!  literally throw the ingredients in the pan and the bread maker does all the work.  3 hours later, i have homemade bread.  it also has a timer, so i can set it to be done after work/church/something fun.

how about that pretty bread???  i can't wait to eat it (or surprise ian with the fact that i got a bread maker).  while that wasn't on my list of items i need, for $6 i couldn't pass it up.  by the look of this bread, i'd say it was an investment i'll be pretty pleased in!

1 comment:

  1. Lucky! I'll have to poke around the Goodwill and see if I can find one for myself! I love fresh bread...


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