Thursday, July 12, 2012

{operation organization}

i have this goal of being organized and really clean when i move to my new place... i want my house to be somewhere comfortable and feel at home.

i'm attempting to jumpstart the cleaning by being really organized about HOW i'm going to clean.  i work well when following a plan, so why not make a cleaning plan?

i started by making a calendar...
i found one on pinterest that i liked, but wanted to make it cute.  if it's cute, i'll use it (i hope!).  i like that stuff is broken down into daily and then the weekly stuff is incorporated.  it means i won't spend one day cleaning everything.  we'll see how well i stick to it.  my plan is to print that off, put it in a picture frame, and mark things off with a dry erase marker.

to go along with that, i also made these 2 things!
paint chip calendar.  i promise it looks cuter in real life...

memo board- menu for the week, to do in the middle, and a grocery list on the bottom
i feel pretty good about today's crafts!  useful and cute :)  i can't wait to hang them in my new place and start using them!

1 comment:

  1. That's the same cleaning schedule I use! Or... try to use :) Good luck friend! All of these things are real cute!


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