Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{a hippie kind of night}

tonight was fun...

last weekend, ian and i got some local ground beef at the farmer's market along with some kentucky proud green peppers, and tonight, we made stuffed peppers.  it's one of my favorite meals, the leftovers are even better, and it's really not that hard.

i actually really liked the beef.  it definitely had a different smell from the store bought while i cooked it, and it tasted a lot better.  it really was only a little bit more expensive than the store bought stuff, so looks like they made a believer out of me!

after dinner, ian and i took our bikes on a little journey to kroger.  i have a basket on the back of my bike, and we were able to put all the groceries (we didn't get a ton, but still...) on the back of my bike.

such a hippie date, but so much fun :)

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