Thursday, June 28, 2012

{how i know i'm not a hoarder}

i am not an organized person by nature.  if you know me, you're saying 'duh' right now.

my best friend and i came up with a saying long ago that the state of our lives is reflected in the state of our rooms.  this is often true for me.  when i have the time, i really do like to organize!  most of the time though, i don't have time.  i'm busy (that can often be my fault... it's something i'm working on).

i'm moving.  not sure when, not sure where, but it could be in as early as a few weeks.  thus, i have started packing.  i really hate moving.  packing, organizing, moving, unpacking all stresses me out.  this will be different though, because i am living by myself.  all the messes will be my messes.  all the organization will be my organization.  i'm actually really excited for all of this.

i also get excited about getting rid of tons of stuff.  my life has changed since i've moved to sugar creek.  i'm no longer a student, but a professional (awesome!).  my wardrobe has changed, i have no need for all my class notes (praise the Lord!), i don't have to contain all of my things to one room... this means that i get to get rid of tons of stuff.  i'm selling books, i'm giving away clothes (how did i accumulate so many tshirts?), and i'm attempting to prepare to decorate a real house like a real adult.

i'm excited.  change is good...

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