Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{busy bee}

wednesdays are CRAZY!  i get to work, go over the many consults that we have (currently everyone in the hospital is struggling with swallowing).  we triage all the consults and go visit the ones we think may really be having problems swallowing, and it's not due to teeth being pulled or mouth sores or something. then we go to  a briefing on some clients, then we come back, write up some notes on who we saw/schedule some modified barium swallow studies or schedule therapies. then there's therapy.  then we eat.  THEN on wednesdays, we get to go to the head and neck clinic for anyone in the hospital who either 1. thinks they may have a problem 2. we determined they have a problem and we're doing post op stuff or 3. they had surgery a while ago and we're doing follow up.

i really like this part.  i get to see tons of different types of problems in a period of 3 hours.  and it's constant work, which is actually sort of fun.  we either are taking case history and determining if we need to see them, or checking up with progress.  i get to talk to lots of people and practice my skillz, write some reports, and plaster my name all over reports.  who doesn't like to see their name on a medical note?  admit it... you would.

the only downside is i was so busy, i got a bit scattered.... i downloaded a fabulous app on my ipod that lets me look up medical abbreviations, because these notes are crazy full of them (some drs even just make them up themselves... talk about confusing!), and i got home and realized i don't have my ipod.  so it's either in the room we worked in which isn't the speech departments, or it's in my lab coat.  we're hoping for the latter.  or for the fact that the ppl in there were dr's and make enough money to not want to borrow my ipod.  luckily everyone there is super nice, so if it is there, chances are someone grabbed it to find it's poor, broke, college student owner.

phew!  busy days are crazy, but fun :)

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