Thursday, August 25, 2011

{adventures in a hospital}

i am tired.  happy, well learned, but very, very tired.  and very happy tomorrow is friday!

i have learned quite a few new things while working at the va.  things i didn't think i would learn, as they don't actually pertain to speech.

#1.  if someone is on their iphone, get out of the way.  they seem to think they are in their own world, and do not actually watch where they're walking, they just walk.  just move and smile because they look so very silly.

#2. the hospital's #1 danger zone is not actually an er or a surgical suite, it is the many blind corners that medical professionals tend to fly around.  i have learned very quickly to not hug corners.  99.9% of the time i am the smaller, lighter individual, so guess who usually takes the brunt of the hit.  me.

#3. if you wear a lab coat, people automatically assume you know what's going on.  this, i like.  even in my lime green lab coat with my slightly annoying yellow student badge, i got asked by a med student today where he could find some doctor.  i had to tell him i was new to the hospital, BUT apparently i looked like i knew what i was doing (score for me!)

who knew the things i'd learn!?!?!?

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