Monday, September 5, 2011

{i love holidays}

happy labor day!

it was so nice to just sleep in today... it's the little things in life!

it has been a great weekend... saturday, sam, lauren, mike, vanna and i went to the louisville science center.  i have a fun picture of all of us, BUT the camera/mac is being silly today and won't link up...

we were by far the oldest kids there, so all the workers were super excited to educate us.  mostly b/c #1. we were old enough to understand all that they were telling us, but mostly #2. we were too old to just walk off.  darn being 'mature' and having to listen to a 20 minute lecture about catapults only to have a little kid come up at the last minute and get to pull the thing.  still, it was super fun!  then it was off to swim at mike's parents house with some grilled food for dinner and game night where the boys beat us as usual in cranium.

sunday was church and relaxing around the house.  i got to hang out with my favorite kiddos, which is always a blast :)  claire dressed up like a princess, complete with tiara and gloves (keep in mind she won't let anyone touch her hair, so the only thing that keeps it out of her face is the crown.  only claire.) caleb colored and wouldn't let me peek til it was done.  the evening was filled with much laughing, much running, and so much fun.

i love this child!
 hope everyone enjoys their holiday! 

also this is post 100!!!

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