Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{lord of the flies}

no, i don't have time to read, so this blog post can't be about that...

life is crazy busy.  i work a lot.  i love it very much.  blogging?  yeah... sorry.

just know that tonight, i have declared war on the flies in my house.  for whatever reason, our house attracts them.  i don't think we're stinky people or we have excess food for them, but they love our house.  and they think it is their own.  and my desire to kill them is currently at it's max.

call me cruel, call me unusual, i do not care.

i will win.

my house will be mine.

and the best part?

i have one of these

it zaps when i hit them.  SO SATISFYING.

i have one more... off to kill....

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