Tuesday, August 9, 2011


i won't lie, these last few days have been so nice.

i didn't realize how crazy and stressed out grad school made me.  i guess that's actually a good thing, that in the heat of the moment, i'm not so stressed out i'm realizing it, but since grad school's been out for a week, it's been nice.  it's nice to wake up and realize i can sit in my bed with a glass of iced coffee (recipe here because it's delish) and read something that i actually want to read.  i can do errands and be outside and mow the grass or clean whenever i want.

now, i like being busy, so in about 2 weeks, i honestly believe that i'll be ready for online classes and working full time at the va, BUT in the meantime, it's super nice to just sit here, relax, and enjoy 'kellie time'.

life is beautiful, it's nice to sit and enjoy it for a while

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