Wednesday, August 10, 2011


#1.  i changed the oil in my  lawn mower.  now, if you look up a youtube video of such a process, it's not actually that difficult.  it involves blocking off the gas tank so you don't spill gas all over the place and start a fire, and then tipping the mower over to allow the oil to drip out into a container.  STILL i managed all this #1 without a mess, and #2 without messing up the lawn mower. (i also cleaned the air filter, but that's even easier...).  is it lame that i feel accomplished?  because if it is, i don't even care.

#2. i got crafty.  i'm particular about my planners.  i don't like when they're the same each month, i like tabs, and i made the mistake of looking at vera bradley planners, and after that, none compare.  they're perfect.  so i found one that had 2 of the 3.  the only problem was the cover was uber boring (just blue), SO here's my new planner!

#3. i rearranged my room.  if you don't know much about my wonderful bf, one of his main qualities that i like is he's organized.  like he got excited about a new filing system (isn't he cute???).  after much gentle nudging, he suggested rearranging my room.  the boy's so smart.  i moved my bed, and although my bookshelf is still a mess, my room looks so much more open!  mom wouldn't call it 'clean', but the floor is vacuumed and open, most surfaces are dusted, and my bed's made.

tonight is orange leaf and wedding planning with katie!  a pretty good ending to a pretty accomplished few days!

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