Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{pros and dominican}

yesterday started out great.  my friend lauren is staying with me while everyone from csf is on leadership retreat, and we started our day out with iced coffee and going to play with a friend's dog.  fast forward to a few hours later, playing with said dog again, and i came out and looked at my car and hellooooo flat tire!  i mean this thing was flatter than a pancake.

no fear, i thought, i'm handy and i've changed one of these before, no big deal.  i got in my car and got the wrench and the jack, then proceeded to jump on the stupid wrench with absolutely no movement.  it was on so tight that literally my body weight couldn't get it to move an ounce.  now i'm more mad at the fact i can't be handy than the fact my tire is flatter than how the europeans viewed the world.

luckily i call aaa, we hang out and play with huck (the dog) more, and the man comes and makes me feel better by having to use his magic tool to get the tire off.  he then shows me the massive screw hanging out in my poor tire.  off to tire discounters i go, where it's patched (fo free!) and i'm on my way.

due to my lousy day, i was even more excited to go to the uk pros vs dominican game!  oh how i have missed rupp arena and getting to see some of uk's most loved players!  it was so fun.  i love living in lexington and being a wildcat where it's totally normal to sell out an exhibition game in a matter of minutes.  this just doesn't happen anywhere else in the world.  they all came in to the song 'back where i belong' (perfect), demarcus took out his own teammate on the kings because he went to louisville (once a card, always a card... boooo), and coach cal put on a show with the dominican team.

demarcus and a little kid... adorable

uk greats!

action shot of demarcus throwing garcia to the ground.  awesome

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