Friday, November 11, 2011

{the final rip of brownie}

well... i knew this day would come, but you never think it's going to come as soon as it does.

brownie is dead.  may she rest in peace.  (and if you're confused at this point, brownie is my car that is unique and special to many... read about her here).

she went out in a blaze of glory too... old girl ain't goin out on the side of the freeway or refusing to start...

i was resting at ian's b/c of a sinus headache, and we heard tire squeals and a series of loud crashes.  in a sleepy haze, i told ian, 'gosh... bet that was brownie...'.  apparently, i'm that good.
ian's roommate took off outside, b/c he's rational and we're on kentucky avenue (home of many drunks), and was concerned he'd drive off without stopping.  he had the license plate memorized and everything, but thankfully, the dude stopped.  not before totaling brownie, another car, causing brownie to slam into yet another car, and doing some hefty damage to his own.

he also had about 10 people in his suv, which would have hit a pole if brownie wasn't in the way, so i like to think the old girl went out saving a life.

brownie in her glory days

poor old girl...

the antenna bent adds a nice touch

she got hit so hard she hit the telephone pole... it left it's damage as well

she's totaled.  he took out the trunk, the gas tank, the entire driver's side (which included both doors), my backseat got moved up about 6 inches so there's no leg room for anyone in the back, the back axle is bent, and all the lights need replaced.  she's dead.  and died a valiant death.

i know it's just a car, and i'm thankful everyone was ok and i wasn't inside when it happened, but i will miss my car.  she was the first car that was mine, and even though she was brown and often held together by pink duct tape, she was awesome (and if you've ridden in brownie,  you know this).  no other car will ever have the personality of that car, BUT i'm on to newer and better things!  so if you hear of a car for sale cheap, pass it my way.

i have many things to be thankful for.  i have a wonderful boyfriend who was so sweet and comforting and is letting me borrow his car, i have great friends who took off after the guy (and add that his dog, davey was so concerned and wouldn't leave the window... oh davey), the police were helpful, no one got hurt, and maybe this guy will think twice before being an idiot.

also funny, some drunk guy saw my 608 sticker, recognized it was southland and said he'd pray for me tonight.  who knows... maybe brownie will bring more good than i even know.  God can use an old, busted up brown car, right?

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