Saturday, November 12, 2011

{car stuff and munchkins}

car drama continues... i'm quickly learning the process of getting things all taken care of isn't a quick process.

everyone i've talked to from the kid's insurance has been super nice (mostly b/c there's zero contest in who's fault it was... i wasn't even in the PARKED car).  they're getting me a rental car on monday and wednesday i think they're going to look at it.  my dad also taught me to be a responsible car owner, so i have all the maintenance records from owning the car, which the adjuster said could help get some $ out of the old girl.

now it's just the process of looking for a new car, trying to decide if i want to wait to buy one and try to share my fabulous boyfriend's car (how wonderful is he for letting me borrow his????  answer = super wonderful), and figuring out how much i think brownie's worth (i may try to push for emotional attachment...).

after a long day of car crap, i got to go hang out with my favorite kids.  we played in leaves, road bikes, and watched monster's inc.  it's a nice reminder of the important things in life when sweet little caleb looks at me and says 'hi aunt addi.  i uve you'.  or when claire argues with anyone else who talks to me that she was talking to me first.  busted cars are just little things compared to those sweet kids!

today was the praxis (blech) and off to hopefully find a seasonal job after this uk game!  weekends as an adult are just not as much fun as weekends without responsibility.  guess that's life!

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