Thursday, November 10, 2011

{fall oatmeal and surgery}

today, i got to see a laryngectomy.  being my first time in an actual surgical suite, i decided i should improve my breakfast from a granola bar to oatmeal.  also b/c it's the perfect excuse for my pumpkin pie oatmeal.

for real.  if you like pumpkin pie, you'll love this oatmeal.

last night i made a pot of steelcut oats that gives enough oatmeal for 4-5 morning breakfasts.
this morning i took a chunk off the stuff i made last night, added some vanilla coconut milk, some canned pumpkin, brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice, and reheated it in the microwave.  hello heaven!

ok... so now on to the best day of work ever.

#1. i got to wear scrubs.  any time you get to wear scrubs, the day has been better.  if i work in a hospital, one of my requests is that i get to wear scrubs at least twice a week.

#2. i didn't really have to work, i just got to go watch surgery.

the actual surgery was really cool.  i got to stay for about 3 hours.  i came right after they made the initial incision, and then left as they were taking a pec flap (they take out a lot of cartilage, so it helps with blood supply and protection to the neck).  the surgery was crazy.  the larynx really isn't that big, and this guy's was pretty messed up from years of smoking and drinking.  i've decided in my next life, i will be a surgeon.  they have sweet jobs, but i'm not sure if i'd think it was super sweet after doing it for years and years.  who knows.  i'm happy to just poke my head in an o.r. every few years from here on out!

basically, it was a really cool day and i had a lot of fun just sitting in an o.r. talking to the doctors while they were working.  i've never gotten to be 3 feet away from a patient on the operating table, and it was definitely something i'd love to do again!

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