Saturday, November 19, 2011

{the adventures continue}

well... showed up at my house tonight and the police were there.  earlier in the night my roommates had texted me to tell me someone threw my super cute pot ian got me for christmas at the door of our house (awesome.. it's shattered AND apparently someone hates us), and the neighbor got home and it was apparent someone tried to break into her house.  the police came in and took a look around at everything and told us to call if we saw anything suspicious.

on to happier things... Jesus prom was tonight!  it's one of my favorite things every year.  it's such a fun event and i love seeing people with special needs having a blast, but also people coming together to have a big party for them.  they have a blast every year... they dance and sing and they're the stars of the show. at one point, one of the guys i was dancing with looked at me and said, "thank God for tonight.".  that about summed it up for me.  thank God for these people who simply love life and love each other.  one of the guys remembered me from last year, and not just recognized me, but knew my name.  how insane is that?  they're just fun people!  if you've never been, come next year.  it will blow any of the proms you went to out of the water.

it's late, and i'm not feeling well.... here's to hoping my next week improves from the crappy luck i've had the past 2 weeks.  it would be super great if i didn't total anymore cars, have anymore run in's with the police (even though they've all been super nice), and my luck would turn around...

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