Saturday, November 26, 2011


i have so many things to be thankful for...

i have an awesome family who i got to go home and see for break!  it was so nice being home and hang out with my parents, relax, and visit.

my parents just moved over the summer, so it was my first time to the new house, and it's really cool.  it's on the lake, so this summer will be even more fun!  kayaking, canoeing, and wakeboarding, here i come!

that boy of mine gives me another reason to be thankful.  i like when he comes home with me.  he's funny, and cute, and treats me so well.  he does his best to show me Christ every day, and that alone is something to be thankful for :)

i'm also thankful because i'm done at the va!  it was a great learning experience, but i think i've realized i don't want to be a workaholic, and i don't really want to only do cognitive therapy for brain injuries 3-9 years out.  i can now sleep in, catch up on school work, and prepare for comps over the break...

another thing i'm thankful for... a new car!!!!
columbus (being so close to the honda marysville plant), has way more used hondas than lexington.  dad and i did some shopping via craigslist, test drove a few cars, and after much anxiety, prayer, and talking it over, i went with a 99 honda accord.

she's quite the upgrade from brownie... leather interior, sunroof, and my personal favorite... air conditioning! (it's the little things in life).  a name is still pending, but so far, we're bff.  with brownie, i gave her a goal of 4 years, and she was just shy, so this new car's goal is 10.  here's to hoping she surpasses it!

i have much to be thankful for this season...

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