Friday, November 4, 2011

{grumpy old men}

i've discovered a new soft spot...

grumpy, cranky, crotchety old men.

now let me preface that i hope i never become grumpy and mad at the world BUT i find them hilarious.

it's become a new favorite of mine to attempt to win them over.  i thrive on competition, and after you get out of hs sports and intramurals and such, there's just not as much opportunity for competition.  i have found mine.

there's something about trying to win these old men over.  each one is different, and it often takes some time and dedication.

i had one in particular this week who is pretty much mad at the world.  he was without a voice too, which meant even more mad because he couldn't yell at anyone.

i some how won mr. grumpy gills over through my somewhat decent ability to lip read.  who knew that one little skill could take a man from irately writing angry notes to my supervisor, nurses, doctors, and anyone else who would read to grinning at me as i left?

well, i came out victorious.  today he told me (and i quote) 'you're the only one in this damn hospital who can read lips' i told him i was sorry i wasn't better, but i was happy i could try and help 'well you're a whole hell of a lot better than anyone else in this place'.  well sir, thank you for making me the only individual you didn't hate in the hospital, i'm honored.

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