Sunday, July 17, 2011

{weekend update}

weekends: the essence of all things wonderful!

this weekend started off not so wonderful with the moving of my best friend... katie and i have lived across the hall from each other for 6 years.  we bonded in the lovely blanding tower, moved to waller (lovingly named "waller holler"), moved in with the marshalls, and finally, moved to sugar creek.  it's happy because she's getting ready to be married to a wonderful man, BUT it's still sad to not have her across the hall... 6 years is a long stinking time!

saturday was my first attempt in a very, very long time golfing.  the boyfriend got a little practice for his ta job in the fall teaching me the basics of golf, and if my before and after swing was any indicator to how he'll teach, all his students are going to get straight a's!  i'm not 'good' by any stretch of the imagination, but i managed to get a few straight, high, long shots!  i was pretty proud of myself :)

we spent the rest of the night cooking for the next few nights... we've decided we're only going to keep getting busier, and we don't like eating out much, which means we better get good at cooking!  we made stuffed peppers and taco soup.  both delicious, both easy to make, and both easy to reheat!  we also felt super impressive with so much on the stove...
it's ok to be impressed
it was a great weekend, and gave me some hope that i can make it through these next 2 weeks of class... 8 more days and i'll be done with summer school... 8 more... 8 more... 8 more...

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