Thursday, July 28, 2011

{i made it!}

i'm not completely completely done, but i feel as if i'm done enough that i can finally say...

i made it!

summer school is o-v-e-r!

technically i have to finish 1 exam BUT my first of 2 questions is done, and it's not due til the 3rd, SO for all intensive purposes, i'm done :)

it's kind of crazy that the classroom learning portion of grad school is over!  in 3 short weeks, i will be employed (for free) by the va medical clinic here in lexington.  i'm pumped... i discovered last semester my love for working with adults and just being able to talk straight.  it's nice to have real conversations with people and be able to have them tell me their hopes and dreams and what they want to accomplish.  i like being able to not just talk about toys and disney movies (while that's super fun some times too...), but talk about life experiences and families and struggles and hopes.  it's encouraging to me to watch someone struggle with something so much, and then be able to give them the tools to see they're amazing and wonderful and talented.

i get to work with one of the great girls from my program, so it'll be nice to not have to do it alone, and work with someone i know i already get along with!

i'm also looking forward to going home for a week :)  i get to go kayaking and canoeing, fishing, hang out with the rentals, help them move to the lake (amazing!) and relax.... oh the joys of break.  i love you, break.  you almost make grad school worth it!

also just because this clip is super cute and i only quoted it 100 times this week...

i feel... i feel... i feel happy of myself!

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