Friday, July 22, 2011

{organized mess}

i have a problem...

i am not an organized person.

i have a really great memory for where i put things down, and especially when i was younger, it wasn't totally uncommon for my mom to ask me to find something in my mess of a closet, and i could produce it in less than 5 minutes.  it was impressive really, if you ask me!

so much so, that for much of my life, i have maintained that being able to find things in a mess is actually more impressive than just being organized.

sadly, this is kind of silly (yes, i'm aware that if you are an organized person, that makes sense... if you're slightly messy like me, you're internally saying 'awwww' right now.  admit it... you are)

over the years, i have become MUCH better about keeping 'community spaces' much more neat and organized. (and this is the part where i apologize to my roommate freshman year who never got mad at me... )  i try to pick up after myself and who doesn't like when something looks neat, tidy and cute?

my last problem is my bedroom.  i don't share, therefore it is not 'community', and it tends to reflect the state of my life.  the state of my life is currently chaos, so therefore, the room is well... a mess.

i have a desire to be crafty
to be creative
to have a cute room
to be.... organized...

it just doesn't seem to be working.

so i'm trying.  really hard.  to make this room organized and make lots of things hide and look put away.

if you have suggestions, please leave them.  i know i am friends with many organized people, and i love you and want to learn from you.  share me your knowledge.  teach a slightly crazy/messy/organized mess person to be simply. organized.

**particularly bookcases.... this is currently my achilles heel... it always looks like poo :( **

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