Saturday, July 2, 2011

{the list}

first off.... CONGRATS TO MY ROOMMATE!  erica and john are officially engaged!  so happy for you guys :)  love you both very much!

ian and i have a list of things to do when we get bored... some things are easier to do (like go to the farmer's market), and other things are a little more special.

today was a special day!

we started things off with a trip to talon winery.  neither of us know very much at all about wine, and it was a nice day, so we packed a lunch and went out tates creek road.

the winery was great... we had the place to ourselves and walked around and learned all about the process of making wine.

after the winery, we decided we would mark another item off the list... taking a trip on the ferry across tates creek road!
waiting our turn

how fun!?!?

we have lived in lexington for far too long to never have done this!  we went and explored eku for a bit, then came home and marked a third item off our list... cupcakes from scratch!!

we made coconut cupcakes with chocolate ganache.  the ganache didn't really turn out all fluffy like it was supposed to, but they were really good

finishing the night off classy-style... water and iced tea ;)
what a day!  3 things marked off our list... guess we'll have to put some more items on there

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