Friday, July 15, 2011

{silly me}

silly me thinking that this whole 'blogging' deal could be kept up consistently during grad school!

between multiple tests a week, projects, organizing notebooks, doing diagnostics and figuring out things for extenship, much more of my life tends to just take a backseat.

oh well... it's a part of grad school!

yesterday was the end to a long week at school.  i have woken up early every day to do something (mowing the lawn, doing group projects, studying for tests), and it's taken it's tole.

still, i had something to look forward to:

HARRY POTTER.  yes, i'm a nerd, and i'm totally ok with it!  a group of us went to see it at midnight, and it was amazing.  i was out til 3 am, but sleep is for the weak!  luckily, i got to sleep in this morning :)

go see the movie.  it's lovely.  i feel as if i've grown up with harry for the past 11 years (he was my age when the books came out), and the finale was great.

this morning (ok, this afternoon....) i woke up and decided to be super productive.  why have i not gone to the tates creek library until now????  i organized ALL of my notebooks that are now ready to be studied for comps, worked on 2 projects, and feel much better about these last 2 weeks of school.

we can push through and make it!

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