Thursday, July 7, 2011


i have discovered many quirks about myself in all my years as a student...

one of the major ones is my quirk about pens.

#1. (which i think i inherited from my mother if that is even possible...) black pen is boring and annoys me.  i like to take notes in color, and each day should preferably be a different color.  this was more evident in undergrad when powerpoints weren't used as much and i hand wrote most of my notes, but even now, it's not uncommon to go through my powerpoints and find at least 2 different colors of ink.

#2. i'm picky about how pens write.  weak pens drive me crazy, so i like thick ones.  the problem is so many bleed through! (even if they advertise 'won't bleed through paper', let's be honest... they do).  i also go through a lot of pens, because they are my weakness at the beginning of each semester and i decide i need new ones.  i feel like in the grand scheme of life, to buy new pens isn't the worst thing i could do!

i used to love the bic... but that kick may be over :-/
 and sharpie just came out with a fun one that i like for testing (it starts out a pencil and after a few days becomes a pen!  hello perfection since i used to have to go over my pencil marks with a pen!) but it wrote a little light... booooo

so moral of this story is now i'm on the hunt for some new pens.  it's lame, but it's the life of a grad student.

suggestions for new pens is officially welcomed!

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  1. i like ball point and felt tip pens with grass green ink...picky, much?? they are almost impossible to find! - katie


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