Monday, January 23, 2012


i'm officially a quarter of a century old.

25.  meh.  i can officially rent a car for cheaper!  but that also means my insurance doesn't really care i'm a student anymore... bye good student discount!

and they also lie that your insurance goes down when you turn 25.  must only be for boys.

oh.  and i'm officially myelenated (for all you non-speechy/medical type... that means the myelin sheath around the axons in your brain that help your nervous system function are fully developed which means no more excuses for poor decision making... and that my axons are firing at top speed... woo hoo!)

my birthday was actually one of the best.

i started the volunteer process with Central Kentucky Riding for Hope last weekend, and my birthday was the final training day.  basically, i got to go to the horse park, have a refresher course on grooming, tacking, leading and riding for about 3 hours.  i have loved horses since i was a small child, so spending the first half of my day with horses wasn't a bad way to spend a birthday!

the boy had planned the rest of my night, so i was a little excited to come home, change into cute clothes, and head off on whatever adventure he had planned.  turned out we got to go see the body exhibit at rupp!!!!  it was sooooo neat.  it wasn't gross at all that the bodies we were looking at were real, but actually, more exciting!  i love figuring out how the body works, and why it works the way it does, and how if one thing is out of place, it can spell big problems.  it makes me realize how cool God is that he designed us just the way he did.  it was a really fun date, followed up with dinner at indy's chicken.  oh my gosh.  so good, and so greasy.  definitely can't be eating that too often, but it was my birthday :)

birthday cupcakes! please note the amount of icing

birthday cupcake after all the icing is gone... and with a little bit of ian's :)

we finished the night with a movie and cupcakes.

like i said, a fabulous birthday!  and thank you to all my friends and family that wished me a great day :)  it really was!

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  1. Sounds like a great day!

    I've been Myelenated since September. All I have to say is that if my brain is officially firing on all cylinders right now, I'm in trouble when it starts going downhill. My brain is shot! I'll blame the kids. lol.

    Oh, and I saw the Body exhibit when it was in Salt Lake City. It was pretty incredible!


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