Saturday, January 7, 2012

{you actually drink that?}

ever heard of a green smoothie?

well, it's green.  and has veggies in it.  and is actually really good.

it also is super healthy, so to keep in combination with my running, i decided i should probably eat a little healthier too.

the base is some vanilla yogurt.  can't go wrong with some calcium, right?

then 2 cups of spinach- fiber, iron, lowers blood pressure, immunity, vitamin k (which is apparently good for my brain...)
some fresh ginger- prevents cancer, migraine relief, cold and flu prevention (bring it, elementary kids!), digestion
mango- digestion, lowers blood pressure, iron, prevents heart disease
banana- reduces depression (who knew?), bone and kidney health, prevents high blood pressure, reducing my risk for stroke (which has been increased due to grad school)
some honey- natural energy, immunity boost, some antioxidants
mint- improves digestion, natural diuretic
a splash of lemon juice- vitamin c, and reduces high blood pressure.

i put it in ice cube trays in the freezer, then when i want a smoothie, i take a few out, mix it with some coconut water (energy, prevent dehydration, reduces high blood pressure), and i'm good to go!

you can't even taste the spinach, and i think it's kind of a pretty color! (i made another one with blackberries... the color was more the shade of baby poop... not quite as pretty).

look at me being so healthy.

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