Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{slacker central!}

slacker of the year award goes to me.

blogging took a back seat for a while.

life has been crazy.  i am at work by 7:15 am, and that's super early people.  on top of that, i have 2 online classes  monday's i'm at the horse park the entire afternoon working with central kentucky riding for hope and i absolutely love it.  i get to hang out with horses and watch kids with disabilities fall in love with horses and have a great time while doing therapy.  tuesday, i babysat my sweet friend, ashley's little girl.  she's tiny and precious and loving her is far too easy!  wednesdays i have bible study, thursdays i study for my asha exam and comps, and fridays i finally get to see my boyfriend!

an update on the mama: she's awesome.  i love my mom.  she's got such a great outlook on life and cancer, and i got to go home 2 weekends ago and hang out with her and my dad.  it was so nice to go home and relax and enjoy time with the parentals!

today was claire's birthday.  i still can't believe that 4 years ago she was a little tiny baby!  i love those kiddos... i've gotten to see them grow up and it's been a privilege.  tonight we went to chuck e cheese, and watching caleb shoot basketballs and claire enjoying putting the coins in the machines was just so fun.

life is crazy, but it's great

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  1. You're not a slacker. I'm lucky if I post twice a month, anymore. We can be slackers together. :)

    I'm glad your mom is doing well. Keep us updated.


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