Monday, January 2, 2012

{my mama}

it's been a while since i've blogged... christmas break happened, and i got to go home to my parents new lake house for a week and a half!  the longest i've gotten to be home in a long time and it was great :)

i love my family.  they're great.  my parents are the best parents a girl could ask for and my siblings are straight up hilarious.  it's always fun to go home and just be.  we drank coffee with almond joy creamer (my new obsession) until the afternoon hours, watched movies, made and ate far too many cookies, and just got to enjoy being home.

christmas was also a good time to go home because just before christmas, mom got diagnosed with breast cancer.  both of my parents are great about going to the doctor yearly, and mom will forever be an advocate for this because it is the reason they caught the cancer.  it's stage 0, so there's not even a tumor and she only needs a lumpectomy and radiation, so it's very treatable, but still.  she's my mommy and to hear 'cancer' isn't easy.

i love my mom though.  she's such an example of maintaining joy in difficult circumstances.  she has been so positive throughout this whole ordeal of testing and imaging and meeting with doctors and surgeons.  in the midst of unknown, she has trusted God.  and then my dad has been there the whole way to offer love and support.

i'm thankful for both of my parents and the example they have provided for me growing up, and continue to give me as i grow up into an adult.

pray for my mommy as she has her surgery (scheduled 1/13/12) and radiation afterwards.

love you, mama.

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