Thursday, January 12, 2012


my life has been crazy and full of thoughts, prayers and talking with people about the present and potential future.

i've started my placement in the schools, and honestly, i love it.  i like the environment, i love my supervisor, and the kids are just funny.  it's a great school with kids who work hard and supportive parents.  it's been fun so far, and i hope it continues.

i've applied for graduation, i've applied for comps and my asha exam.  i'm starting to apply for jobs.  i don't know where my life may go come may, and if i'm going to be honest, that scares me (in both good and bad ways).

my mommy has surgery tomorrow.  i know they caught the breast cancer early and the prognosis is super good, but it's still a big surgery.  prayers tomorrow would be very much appreciated.  i'm ready for my mom to be a breast cancer survivor.  for a long, long time.

lots on my mind, lots on my plate.

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