Saturday, January 7, 2012

{adventures rebecoming a runner}

once upon a time, a very long, long time ago, i was a fairly decent runner.
yes, this hangs in my hs hallway... do i sound like uncle rico yet (napoleon dynamite...) 
anyway, running is NOT like riding a bike.  it's actually the opposite.  you stop for just a few weeks and you've lost everything.  needless to say, 2005 was more than a few weeks ago, and ever since hs, i really stopped running consistently.  i originally blamed it on ankle surgery (from running too much... that's sad.), but ultimately, school, work, life happened.

well the thing about cross country runners is we're those weird people that actually like running.  over the past few weeks, i've found myself missing running.  like i said, if you weren't a cross country runner, that sounds absolutely crazy.  who misses running?  guilty.

the new year makes a perfect time to make some resolutions, and add on the fantastic weather we're having (it's 50 degrees right now people...), i decided now is a great time to run.

look how fun!  it tracks all your runs/times/goals
my favorite nike+ sensor decided to die just as i was making this resolution which is a bummer, but between the nike+ running calendar (i love it... i tells me what i need to run even if i look like a slacker because the sensor won't pick anything up so it looks like i haven't run), and i have some great running music, so come december, i'm going to be so ready for my half marathon (yes... december... as in a year away... judge me...)

yesterdays run was absolutely terrible and i've never felt so out of shape in my life, but today felt good. i felt like a runner again.  3 miles, which considering i haven't run at all since summer, i feel pretty good about!  the calendar does say 4 on monday... may be a different story...


  1. love this! What race are you going to run?! I think you can prep for that thing in much shorter time for sure!

  2. i think i'm going to do the st. jude half marathon in december. i'll probably run a few 5k's between now and then though!


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