Sunday, October 16, 2011

{girl time}

it has been a weekend for the books!  friday started off with getting off work early and heading to keeneland's college day with my lovely friend and coworker, emily!  heck yes for off work by lunch, getting free tshirts and food and enjoying a beautiful day outside!

then it was off to the pumpkin patch with my friend ashley and her husband.  it was the most gorgeous day to spend outside  with friends!
how cute is that baby bump???? 

saturday was the day of reuniting :)  my best friend will be married in 2 weeks.  it's crazy and wonderful and exciting!  it also means all 4 of us get to be in the same place at the same time... i have the most wonderful, beautiful, smart, fabulous best friends a girl could ask for, and i'm so thankful God allowed us time together before katie gets married!  saturday started with a trip to the glitz.  if you've never been, it's in nonesuch, ky (yes, it exists) and the glitz is all things girl.
you see this when you walk in
we had a fabulous lunch and enjoyed walking around looking at all the cool/crazy/unique antiques around the building

'puffer fish'
saturday we stayed up chatting, crafting and cooking for katie's bridesmaid shower.  i made some delicious cookie dough truffles... go here for the recipe...

goodness i miss girl time!  there's nothing like having amazing friends.  i love them and this weekend was perfect.

sunday was church all together for the first time in years, getting ready for the shower, and then celebrating!
all set up

the spread of food

cookie dough truffles

some table decorations

we played a mustache/tiara game.  pictures were great :)

my beautiful best friend... sporting both tiara and mustache
it was a crazy, but fabulous weekend.  i was blessed with beautiful weather, beautiful friends, and a beautiful life.  i am beyond blessed!

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