Monday, October 24, 2011

{google and pinterest}

dear google,
thank you for existing.  you make my life as a grad student easier.  you help me find answers, you hold my mail, you give me fun blogs to read and write, you own youtube (i should have put that first...)

some how, you're especially great while attempting to study.

so in short, thank you for being so wonderful in grad school.

now try not to distract me too much.  but find all the answers to my questions.

ok thanks.

my second thanks is to pinterest.

you are also wonderful.  you give me fun crafty things that make me feel thrifty and artsy!  i've made laundry detergent, dish detergent, planned a shower, made homemade febreeze, designed cute nails, found delicious recipes and tonight, made my own wallflower.

it's great.  my room now smells fresh and happy AND apparently i'm saving myself from lots of harmful chemicals.  who doesn't like that?  oh... and it cost me basically nothing.  heck yes.

so google, pinterest, thanks.  keep up the good work :)

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