Thursday, October 13, 2011

{rainy days}

rainy days are great for sleeping... except for the fact i have a job.  boo.

i guess the once in a while, never seeing the outdoors isn't a bad thing since i didn't know it was raining until one of my observers from uk showed up a little damp.  still, even just knowing that made me want to sleep.  is that pathetic?

today was a good day though... did some bedsides, fixed my patient's dynavox again... didn't blow this one up!  his family was super happy too, which i love :)

ate some chinese for lunch today (delish)
and got off early.  happy day!

then i took brownie to the doctor because she sees my mechanic more in one year than i see the doctor in about 5 years.  but good news... something's going out, but it doesn't need fixed yet!  and gosh, i love my mechanic for telling me the honest truth.  i was already told by one place another joint needed replaced (it didn't he said), and he told me if i plan on selling it, don't bother fixing it.  bless that man's soul for saving a poor, broke college student money!  if you need a mechanic, go to him.  he's awesome.

and now a night with the boy!  goodness grad school makes us two busy people.  even when we get to hang out, one of us is studying (and it's usually the more studious, responsible one... cough... ian....cough).

it's thursday, people... one more day to the work week!

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