Friday, October 7, 2011

{fall, not fall}

well ky weather is always a bit of a gamble... one day it can be perfect fall weather, then the next it can be back to summer.  oh well.  we get all 4 seasons, so i'll settle with that!

last weekend was a fall-ish weekend, so the boy and i made soup.  i like that we both like soup.  it's great. you can make a big batch of it pretty easily, then eat off it for a few days!

this one was delish too..

it's a box of chicken broth + a can of cream of chicken soup.  you put in 3 whole breasts of chicken and let it cook for an hour.  then you take out the chicken and shred it, add 2 cans of rotelle, some black beans, some chopped cilantro and an avocado, let it cook for ~10 more minutes, add some lime, maybe some cheese, and voila!

it tasted like amazing mexican soup.
next time it gets cold, try it.

in other news, it's been a busy week... grad school and working will do that to you!

my sister's on her way here, i get to babysit my munchkins tonight, and ian and i are in charge of midnight pancakes.  i'm getting to old for this stuff, but i'll brave the trenches of college freshmen for a night ;)

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