Monday, October 10, 2011

{long weekends}

dear columbus,
thank you for finding america and giving me a holiday!  not so great of you to kill lots of locals, think you're super cool and tell everyone you found america when you really didn't, but way to go being adventurous!
regardless, the va observes all federal holidays, so i got a long weekend!  and it was much needed...

yesterday ian and i got to go to his mom's house for the afternoon, which is always fun!  we ate and hung out for a while, then came home and watched some football.  and my roommate brought home a puppy!  he's super cute- a beagle/border collie mix and i'm pretty much in love.

today i slept in a bit, studied, took an exam, mowed the hay field in my backyard (it was far too long... oops!) and enjoyed sitting all day (and updating the look of my blog!)

i finished some art projects i've needed to work on for this weekend (pics to come after...) and just enjoyed being in the home i pay for but never seem to see!

ahhh federal holidays... back to the grind tomorrow!

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