Sunday, September 11, 2011

{football, weddings, 9/11}

football season is here!  saturday i was up bright and early for my new job parking at football games.

it's been determined after a 5 hour shift, that my job is not needed.  i'm 'crowd control' and 'parking nazi' (i.e. i make sure no one takes up more than 1 parking spot), and i'm in the older crowd parking lot.  like most of the people have had season tickets for at least 10-30 years.  they're real wild.
i spent my time walking around rather bored, and coming up with creative answers when old people asked what my job was.  i came up with everything from flag twirler to parking extraordinaire to the parking spot enforcer.  kentucky people are sure generous; i was offered no fewer than 10 beers.  needless to say, next weekend's game (which requires me to be at commonwealth from 7-7) is going to be a long day.  feel free to come visit me in the blue lot.

in other news, i've been diagnosed with carpal tunnel.  i've been having pain and numbness for like 4 weeks now, and it's super annoying and painful.  i get to take arthritis medicine like an old woman, so that's exciting. 

my old roommate got married on saturday!  megan and i lived together at waller (there were 8 of us... hello crazy!) and she looked absolutely beautiful.  i wish i had a picture of her and her new husband, but guess who's a ditz and brought the camera minus the battery.  it was so fun to catch up with people i never get to see anymore, and a good reminder of all the great friends i have in my life :)  we spent the night dancing away and enjoying life.

today is september 11th.  it's hard to believe that 10 years ago, i was a freshman in hs sitting in math class when a kid came in saying the world trade centers were on fire.  little did we know that that day would forever stick in our minds.  today is a reminder of how precious life is.  a reminder of where our priorities should lie- not in our jobs, not in our education, not in our money, but in the relationships we've built, our families and our friends, and most importantly, our relationship with Christ.  today is a day to remember to pray for our leaders, to pray for our military, to pray for our 1st responders.  today is a day to remember those who lost someone special, and to remember that we live in a great country.

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