Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{adventures blowing things up}

i once thought i was decent with technology.  i mean,  i grew up typing, i've had gadgets all over the place from ipods to cameras to phones and computers.  all that have functioned without too much difficulty.

that was until i met the dynavox.
it's this really neat little device that is like a computer, but the thing at the bottom uses your pupils to tell where you're looking, so you can control the whole thing with your eyes.  super neat, right!?

here's the problem.  it has stumped us in multiple ways.  we can't make new buttons, we can't get it to charge right, blah blah blah.
so my job today was to #1. get the practice one we have in the clinic fixed to do just that... practice.  sounds simple, right?  it wasn't turning on or charging right, or something beyond my capabilities of understanding, so i called the company.  the kid thought i was the stupidest person to ever walk this earth. he literally told me to plug it in.  hello.  i'm getting my master's.  so we get past the fact that i've plugged it in and it's still not working.  i end up taking the thing apart, plugging, pushing, entering random things.  so i go to plug the little eye gaze part at the bottom in.

suddenly there's a high-pitch this-makes-me-want-to-tear-my-teeth-out sound coming from the charger. i explain this to the boy on the phone who thinks i'm an idiot, and he tells me OH it's obviously the charger that's bad.  then i hear a pop.  and smell THE WORST smell you have ever smelled in your life.  think burning fart mixed with skunk.  that bad.  i almost gagged on the phone.  so i immediately unplug the device... guess who just blew up a $2000 piece of equipment.  this girl.  while on the phone with tech support.  and it wasn't even lunch.  and the smell lingered.

if that doesn't make for an exciting morning, i don't know what will.

btw, problem #2. was eventually explained to me.  couldn't try it b/c of a broken practice machine, but who knows... maybe it'll work.  otherwise, get ready for me tech support!  i'm coming back for ya!

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