Friday, September 16, 2011

{the little things you choose to not believe}

i've learned a lot throughout my life.

it's funny how many of the things you learn, you don't really take to heart until you experience them.

things like 'one day you'll appreciate this' (usually coming from parents), or 'chemistry may make you cry now, but it doesn't really matter later on in life' (chem, what?), or 'you have the most time while you're in undergrad'.

the last is my current learned experience.

even last year in grad school i thought i was busy.  i thought i hardly had time to do anything.  then i started working and doing grad school.  how do people do this in the real world????

i love working.  really, i do.  and maybe it's because i'm still getting used to things.  or maybe because i'm working (fo free), so then i have another little job on the weekends, and then i have 2 online classes, and then i'm trying to study for comps, BUT i feel like a mad woman.

BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU THIS (anyone not working).  enjoy your time as a student.  enjoy your time on campus.  enjoy your days when you can take a lunch, take a nap, or you get a day off.

it ends.  quickly.

you'll probably just learn this like i did though ;)  the hard way.

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