Monday, September 12, 2011

{strawberry basil lemonade}

ignore the fact that this picture is sort of terrible.

the lemonade itself is amazing.  and super easy.

i love basil.  i have a basil plant and it is going absolutely crazy.  therefore, i've been trying to come up with creative things to do with it.

here's what you do:
make a pitcher of lemonade.  i like pink, but only because it looks prettier.  lame?  i don't care.

take some strawberries (3 or 4... frozen or fresh)
put a handful of basil (like my hand.  not demarcus cousin's hand.  but if you like basil, call up demarcus and see if he can lend you a hand)
put them in a food processor (add some lemonade to give some liquid).   or if you're broke, a magic bullet.  essentially, something that grinds.

grind it all up for a few seconds til everything is good and pulverized.

mix it into the lemonade, and let it get cold.

hello summer!

try it.  it's amazing :)

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