Thursday, August 2, 2012

{pinterest and real life}

heard of pinterest?  stupid question, i know...

well here's the thing.  i really want to at least pretend that i can attempt most of the things i pin.  there really are some great ideas out there!

moving into a nice house, i have known i want to work harder on keeping it clean.  sugar creek was hard.  we could have scrubbed that place every day, and it still would have looked skanky.  this new place is different- the carpet is clean, the tiles are still white, the walls aren't a conglomeration of 18 shades of white.

earlier, i shared a cleaning schedule, and moving in a week before i start the new job, i've wanted to be really good about establishing a routine.  i've actually really enjoyed cleaning for the first time ever... it's nice to start nice, then keep it nice.

today was mopping day, so it proved the perfect time to try out my new swiffer!  ok, well it's actually an old swiffer, and that's actually the fun part.  i crocheted a reusable swiffer cloth (found here) and refilled an old container which was actually kind of hard... pinterest made it sound easy, but apparently mine was not appreciating being pried apart.

like i said, mine didn't really look like the pattern (i'm not the best at following directions... oops!), but it did get the job done!  and i like that i can just throw it in the wash and not use the expensive wipes.

thanks pinterest!  any other fun pinterest finds?  i tend to only note pinterest fails...

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