Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{the things i failed to learn in school}

there is a sense of irony in this post...

let me begin with saying i love my job.  i love the people i work with, i love the kiddos who are in my building!  i'm even loving the lesson plans and whole class speech activities i get to do with my kids in a week!

i don't love ARC (admissions and release committee... it's fine... i had to look it up) meetings and writing IEP's (individual education plans... i knew that one!).  i am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  it's ironic that on one of the days that i feel most overwhelmed, i also get my official teaching certificate that says i'm certified to work with little people (or big people if i so desired) and teach them all they need to know about speech and language.

where was my class in graduate school on scheduling?  how about writing IEP's?  what about conducting a meeting? i had a great education at eku-  i can tell you so much about the brain and the vocal cords, and how to work on articulation and language.  i can throw out really impressive sounding words.  i can even say i've watched laryngeal surgeries and known what was going on.  sadly, most of that is null and void when it comes to paperwork.

bring on the ktip. bring on the iep's. bring on the arc meetings.  bring on more abbreviations!!!!

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