Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{hippie living}

deep down (or not so deep down... i'll let you make that call), i'm a hippie.  i love my beat up burlap shoes, my mama and i are going to make burlap curtains, and although i can't go fully to natural cleaning products (there's something about scrubbing bubbles and not scrubbing that's fabulous), i do love the method cleaning (especially the pink grapefruit... a friend of mine bought this and i was helping her clean and holy cow.  it smells so good i actually want to clean so my house smells like it!)
ok, target/method rant over.

i officially used the last of my homemade detergent from a year ago, and i think it's safe to say i won't be going back.  i remade the detergent i made almost exactly a year ago (recipe here), but this time, i wanted a little more scent (it really doesn't smell like anything), so i added some of those washing crystals
i really like the tropical scent
detergent is now perfect: mostly natural (so the crystals probably aren't super natural, but hey... i like the scent), CHEAAAAAAAP (like pennies cheap... for real people... no detergent in a year and the ingredients were like $10), and now it smells so good.

*as a side note, if you're making this, and using my old recipe- i used a hand mixer to mix everything after 24 hours, and it's much more like regular detergent- less gloopy!

i'm also taking advantage of the nice weather and drying things on my drying rack outside (enter the hippie jokes!)

as for dishwashing detergent, i'm sticking to the store bought stuff... mine was a fail- it left a lot of residue and didn't really clean like i wanted it to, but go make the dish detergent- it's worth it!

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