Thursday, August 9, 2012

{decor so far}

life is busy!  the real world has started and to be honest, it's kind of tiring.  not exhausting, but waking up at 5:30 isn't a cake walk.  needless to say, not much decorating has happened.  i'm thrilled to say cleaning yes!  decorating, ehhh.

i'm super excited about a few things though.  i really want to slowly add nice artwork that is distinctly kentucky or ohio.  i have loved living in both places- both are home, so i like the idea of celebrating places i've been.

i recently became obsessed with cricket press.  they're this really cool print shop based out of lexington and they do some really awesome work.
as you can see, no frames yet, but one poster is from the morris book shop, which is a super cool place, and the other is the lexington farmers market which is one of my absolute favorite things in lexington.  i can't wait to get them hung up on display!

cute organizer (burlap!) from hobby lobby

i've got the whole world in my little apartment
finally, i got to do some fun crafting
just in time for football season!
there's a little look into what i've been trying to do with my place... i'm excited to slowly make this place more 'me' and more of a home :)  come visit!

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