Friday, May 6, 2011

{it's been a while! 'gomer'}

goodness... finals in grad school can be crazy!  i didn't even realize how tired and exhausted i was until after it was all over and all i've done this week is sleep!

so i haven't been able to think about much of what to blog, but today, one of my friends (and fellow bloggers, ashley... see her blog here... ) sent me a facebook message asking about hedgehogs.

hedgehogs, you ask?  well yes... you see, back in the day, my wonderful roommate, katie fort, drove me to cincinnati because i didn't have a car back then, and got me my little friend, fondly referred to as, gomer.

he was such a fun pet!  he lived in a sterilite mansion in my little bedroom, was litter-box trained, loved to snuggle in hoodies, traveled all over to random places with me in a large purse (he even went to 608... he hated it b/c of the loudness, but he went...) and was a frequent visitor at preschool.  he was sometimes grumpy, and would often only let me pick him up (i can't say i was too disappointed... it's kind of nice to be someone's favorite, even if it IS only a hedgehog), and will forever be one of my 'interesting facts' for school (which strangely, i won't have to do much anymore!)

sadly, i had to give him away, and gomer went on to the giant wheel in the sky, but he will always be my most unique pet, and if anyone ever wants to give one away, i may or may not have to take him...

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