Monday, May 16, 2011

{busy weekends!}

it's been a fun weekend!

saturday, ian and i went to a graduation party for one of the boys i give violin lessons to.  they're such a fun family, and it was great to celebrate!  after that, we went to see the new uk hospital!  wow.  it's incredible!  it is state of the art, and super nice.  my favorite part is that it is seeped with everything kentucky.  all the artwork depicts some sort of kentucky, most of the artists are from kentucky, each room has an image of either the gorge or cumberland gap... it's  awesome!
even the chairs are 'kentucky wildflower' inspired
after a fun visit at the hospital, we went to the humane society and played with puppies and doggies (i warned ian prior that no matter how hard i begged, i was not getting a dog... it was rough!)  we hiked around mcconnell spring's park for a bit, which was so nice!  right next to the industrial park, but once we got in the woods, you forgot you were just outside lexington.

sunday morning we met at church, then came back to make homemade pizza!  it was soooo good.  we used my friend, ashley's recipe.  find it here on her blog: ashley's pizza

it all started with homemade dough, and that makes everything better....
i made tomato, basil, garlic and fresh mozzarella, and ian had green peppers, banana peppers, pepperoni and mozzarella on his.  they were beyond good.  
gettin our toppings ready

my pizza

ian's pizza

so good :)
it was such a fun weekend!  oh how i adore summer... please let me have a summer break forever!

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