Friday, May 20, 2011


the past few days i've gotten to hang out with 2 of my favorite children.  caleb and claire are two of the cutest, most fun kids, and babysitting isn't even hard.  it's so fun!  the past few days we've made forts, played with trains and trucks, watched the movers, played outside, played with dolls and princesses, and the two have chased each other for laps and laps around the kitchen.  it's hilarious!  they make me laugh so much... especially that claire... the kid's a riot and she knows it.

today i brought muffin mix for claire and me to make.  she's becoming such a help and so i thought we'd try our hand at baking.

i wish i had pictures of us actually mixing the ingredients and stuff, but trying to help her and keep caleb entertained was a little too much to include pictures.
tutu+baking = all girl

we were excited to eat them!

reaping the benefits of his sisters labor
baking was a success!  so what if it was muffin mix out of a bag... maybe on monday we'll get even crazier!
quote of the day from claire:
me: claire, these muffins are so good!
claire: i know, it's betuse i made them!

love them :)

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