Saturday, May 14, 2011

{hello 5 am}

no, i promise i'm not involved in any law issues, BUT my blog post is coming very early because of them...  so it's friday night... ian and i made dinner, got some free thorton's tea (heck yes free tea day!) and relaxed a bit... i didn't go to bed til late because... it's friday night.

if you know anything about me, you know that i sleep, and sleep well i do!  i rarely have problems falling or staying asleep.  that is until this morning, 5 am to be exact, and i have a neighbor screaming bloody murder, fighting with a boy, and scaring the daylight out of me.  so guess who got to call the cops at 5 am this morning.  oh yes, that would be me!  guess who also can't get to sleep again.... right again!  me!

i hope the girl's ok... it made me thankful that i don't have people in my life i would fight with like that and that i have a boyfriend who would never yell at me like that.  and part of me just wanted to go ask her why the heck they're both awake at 5 am.  5 am is sleepin time, girl!

way to go lexington po po's for being on the scene in approximately 10 seconds.  while i was talking with the operator, the officer pulled onto my street.  that's speed, people!

well if this isn't an exciting end to friday the 13th and start to my weekend, i don't know what is.

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